Monday, January 7, 2008

Too Pampered?

Check out the charming variety of collar charms from Cosmo Collars, and you're sure to see one you like (for Webkinz). Yes, it may be considered frivolous to buy your real cat jewelry (Swarovski crystals!) and apparel (coats, shirts & capes!). But what some may call frivolous, others might call the beginning of a trend. In a Washington Post article titled Ultimate Creature Comforts, the author states, "Spending on pets is expected to reach $40.8 billion this year, almost double the amount spent in 1996." The reasons why owners buy their pets presents is also interesting.

1 comment:

Andy said...

It says on their site that the collars, as cute as they are, are actually for a certain brand of stuffed animals (webkinz) only, not live pets.

I would spend a lot of money on my cats for jewlery and costumes except they HATE wearing anything. I can't keep them on for more than 3 seconds. :(