Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weird as Lipstick

You must see the rest of her animal-as-lipstick gallery.

Simon's Cat

The UK's Mirror spotlights author and cartoonist Simon, of "Simon's Cat," in this article. If you haven't seen Simon's animated videos, starring and/or inspired by his black cat Hugh, you really should take a look. Simon is an expert in depicting the complicated inner workings of a cat's mind, and as far as promoting black cats he says, "A lot of people have written to me since finding out Hugh's black. They thank me for having a black cat as they are the least popular colour and often abandoned."

Saving Poet Poe

We couldn't imagine a literary world without Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat," could you? Thank goodness for Poe, his strangeness and his everlasting legacy, and his resting place in the picturesque town of Baltimore, Maryland. Their pro football team--the Ravens--is named for Poe and Baltimore's Poe House and Museum, located in a rowhouse Poe once occupied, also honors the dark poet. "Budgetary concerns," however, place the museum on the chopping block. Visit here to see it's all about.

The Poe House and Museum is the earliest surviving home where Poe lived. He moved there with his Aunt Marie and cousin Virginia in 1832. Poe artifacts at the location include a lock of Poe's hair.

The Dark Knight's Catwoman

If you haven't already heard, it's official: soon-to-be Oscar host Anne Hathaway will play Christopher Nolan's Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Regarding a recent screen test for the role, cinematographer Wally Pfister said, "She looks phenomenal in the wardrobe." Ms. Hathaway will host the 83rd Academy Awards this Sunday February 27th.

Here's a look at wonderful fan art/movie posters depicting Ms. Hathaway in the role. If you're interested in a fanboy debate on whether or not Ms. Hathaway is right for the role, here you go.

I'd Rather Share my Bed...

...with a cat. By Liz Jones and from the Daily Mail, this article is one woman's response to the premise that it is unhealthy to sleep with cats. Ms. Jones should know; she has 17 cats. Favorite quotes from the text:

"The cue for them to get on to my bed is...the electric toothbrush. Then, it's a sea of stripes and black and tan as they scramble for pole position. I have become very adept at sliding under their tiny commas."

"The only downside to having cats on the bed is the regularity with which a small rodent will be placed in your hair, or down the back of your pajamas."

A worthy read. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Review: Kuroneko

Japanese for "black cat," Kuroneko is a unique addition to the horror film genre. You've probably never heard of its stars or writer/director (Kaneto Shindô), and it is understandable if you haven't - the film was first released in 1968 in Japanese with English subtitles and although it enjoyed critical acclaim, its appeal was never fully recognized by the masses.

In a medeival Japanese setting, a mother and daughter-in-law fall prey to a band of roving soldiers. In their last tortured moments the two are granted/cursed with the power of vengeful spirits, forever after hungry for samurai blood. When the son of one and husband of the other finds them, the heart of the story is revealed. If you can find it, we highly recommend it. Four out of five purrs.

Well Worth The Price

Artist Christopher Salmon would like to bring author Neil Gaiman's short story The Price to life through computer animation, and you can help. Gaiman's The Price is the story of a mysterious black cat that appears one day near the front porch of a home and is adopted by the resident family. The cat is battle-worn, with a frayed ear and other scars, but friendly. It is what the cat does to protect the home and family from a supernatural foe that is the crux of the story.

The animation so far looks great. Neil Gaiman himself is a fan of the project.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Movie Review: Cat's Eye

Inspired by three of Stephen King's short stories, the 1985 film Cat's Eye stars James Woods and a very young Drew Barrymore. The first story, Quitter's Inc., focuses on one man's struggle to quit smoking and the unusual methods his treatment center employs to ensure he does. The second story, The Ledge, focuses on a bet between a crime boss and his wife's lover. The third and final story, (our favorite), is The General. In this story, a stray cat must protect a little girl from a hungry goblin. The film is available on Netflix and Amazon. Three out of five purrs!

Nutty Seagull a Friend to Cats

When a young seagull fell down the chimney of a seaside home in the UK, it embarked on an adventure similar to one you'd read about in a book for children. An inhabitant of the home dusted the seagull off, decided to adopt it, and Pooh-the-Seagull began his life indoors with the home's other pets, including cats. Pooh grew to like cat beds and treats, and though he now travels far and wide, he always returns to his adoptive home.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Youngest Pet Sitter?

He's 11 years old and the owner of a successful and growing pet sitting business. What have you done lately?

New York's Catwoman

Internet news outlets didn't waste a moment before pouncing on Tuesday's big story--a woman in her 20s, 5'6", wearing a black outfit and cat mask robbed a New York shoe store and skincare boutique for a total of $586. See the video here. We'd like to point out that Batman's Catwoman is a fan of high-stakes heists, not the sandal-and-lotion variety. No doubt Ms. Catmask is on her computer right now checking out all her media coverage, and if she is reading this we'd like to say:

How about the next time you're on camera you wear an "Adopt a Shelter Cat" t-shirt? It would boost your popularity and make long-time cat activist Selina Kyle proud, and if you don't know who that is, here you go.

The Bionic Cat

Not long ago a couple readers informed us of an amazing story: Oscar, the bionic cat. We took a quick trip across the internet and saw his story covered by hundreds of articles and videos. Oscar's bionic legs are an incredible achievement, but what questions do these types of procedures raise? Pete Wedderburn, an experienced vet living in Ireland, isn't afraid to ask.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say No to Octo-Cats

Who would you pick as the perfect spokesperson for a spay-and-neuter campaign? A well-known animal lover and activist? An outspoken critic of puppy mills? PETA's choice could be unique and inspired: Nadya Suleman. Does the name not ring a bell? How about the "Octo-Mom?" Outside her home in California the mother of 14 read a prepared statement, which said, "Help solve the overpopulation crisis by saying no to Octo-cats and Octo-dogs."