Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saving Poet Poe

We couldn't imagine a literary world without Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat," could you? Thank goodness for Poe, his strangeness and his everlasting legacy, and his resting place in the picturesque town of Baltimore, Maryland. Their pro football team--the Ravens--is named for Poe and Baltimore's Poe House and Museum, located in a rowhouse Poe once occupied, also honors the dark poet. "Budgetary concerns," however, place the museum on the chopping block. Visit here to see it's all about.

The Poe House and Museum is the earliest surviving home where Poe lived. He moved there with his Aunt Marie and cousin Virginia in 1832. Poe artifacts at the location include a lock of Poe's hair.

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Ann said...

My husband thought it would be funny to name the little black kitten we adopted from a local shelter after Poe's short story, and eight years later, I can't imagine a better name for our Edgar (Allen Poo).