Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Kitteh Named Jones

We followed a link (thanks Kevin) to a facebook page for Jones the Kitteh, and... There is a scene in one (or more) of the Indiana Jones movies in which someone yells: "JONESSS!"--after Jones does something adventurous or crazy. Pictures of Jones the Kitteh made us think of this scene. Jones, who looks like a black cat, but is described as "brown-haired," is a spunky dwarf cat. Dwarf cats are either bred on purpose, or born while nature has a hiccup. There are several major dwarf cat breeds, some of which are called (amusingly): Bambino, Dwelf, Napoleon, and Lambkin. has some interesting information, like what happened when Paris Hilton wanted a dwarf cat of her own. We understand Jones the Kitteh was rescued from a feral colony: way to go!


Jenn said...

Hey, hi! Thanks for posting about my Mr. Jones. He is the BEST cat. (He's not entirely black, he's got a bit of chocolate in him too.) He is a dwarf, yes, but not purposely bred as such. He is genetics gone bad, and he and his two dwarf sisters were trapped along with some other ferals. We originally got him as a foster, but then we failed fostering, and he joined our happy family.

Andy said...

That is a frickin' hilarious and adorable cat. The cutest photo is of him sleeping.

@Jenn, yeah, I would not be able to just foster a cat like that either.