Friday, October 16, 2009

Rare Movie Poster Up for Auction

A unique movie poster for The Black Cat (1934), featuring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi will most likely set a record price during the Signature Vintage Movie Posters Auction, at Heritage Auctions, in Dallas Nov. 12-13. The 75-year old poster is in near-mint, unrestored condition and has never before been seen by the public, or at auction. A current value estimate equals $250,000, but 10 years ago a vintage poster for The Mummy sold for twice as much. Boris Karloff's costume from the film is also up for auction, and the current bid is $10,000. Update!!


Andy said...

That is an amazing poster and well worth it given the condition and rarity (and a black cat). I would love to have a reproduction of it!

gary said...

UPDATE -- The costume sold for $89.625 last Saturday:

Andy said...

That's a sharp suit... and would make an awesome but very expensive Halloween costume!