Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Black Cats in Fine Art

Impressionist painter Pierre Carrier-Belleuse (1851-1933) called Montmartre, Paris home during the artistic boom of the 1880s, when many artists flocked to the area. The infamous Moulin Rouge opened its doors in 1881, and boasted operettas and can-can dancers. Le Chat Noir, "the most extraordinary cabaret in the world," also delighted its visitors. Pierre may be best known for his pastel portrayals of ballet dancers. In Ballerina with a Black Cat, and Young Ballerina Holding a Black Cat you can see the artist's appreciation of his subjects. Read about other Black Cats in Fine Art here.

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Alley Mason said...

What a wonderful blog you have here. Being a black cat myself...rescued from a tree knoll...I am infavor of your mission. *nosebumps and purrs*
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