Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't Do A Drop-Off

Animal shelters quickly become overrun when residents of a city drop-off their unwanted pets during closed hours. One such pet is Shadow, dropped off in a box one snowy night outside an Iowa shelter. Shadow chewed a hole in the box to escape, and was found by shelter personnel the next morning shivering on a nearby fence. There are limits to the number of adoptable animals a shelter can house, and shelters with too many animals face closure by the Humane Society. Staff at the Iowa shelter recommend residents use to find a shelter with available space.

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ciocia said...

Just saw your blog for the first time. Now, I am the owner of a black cat, who was abandoned by the idiots down the street. He is a real sweetie, but the biggest impetus I had in adopting him into my home was the difficulty of finding homes for black cats. It's a shame.